Pricing is subject to change at anytime.  There is a 5% price increase.

  We also do flooring, remodeling, metal roofs, log play houses and much more.  Please ask if need work done.


On Site Construction on your land
We build your cabin on your land!  Our cabins are not those prebuilt or modular type. So you need not worry about the costs of having the cabin delivered.  No need to worry about having to pay additional if the delivery truck gets stuck or damaged. Which you are financially responsible for! Not to worry about permit fees. Not to worry about getting hidden horrific add on costs to the delivery invoice.
We build on site, no prefab. Any costs are added to your total estimate on the contract. 
  Additional costs: What to expect
We are not certified in building, foundation, plumbing, or electrical for any Counties in Wisconsin or else where. All Counties charge a Building Permit fee, which varies.  Therefore, you will need to pull or obtain the building permit at your cost.  Additionally, some Counties have a security deposit that covers costs such as building inspector visits and the like.  This fee may be around $1000.00 or so. However, what is not used, is refunded to you.
How long will it take to build the Cabin
There are a few factors that must be taken into consideration.  Delays can be caused by weather, building inspections, travel time and others reasons not known during the construction project.  Therefore time will vary, however, we will do our best to give you a time frame and stick to it.  Before we begin, we will take into consideration all factors and attempt to give you a realistic time line.
  How you can reduce your costs
There are many ways in which you can help reduce your costs.  Normally we rent items such as Posthole Diggers, Generators, Skidster (Bobcat) to unload the trucks.  As well as costs to pick up supplies and rides to and back from the job site.  These are all costs we can avoid and adjusts for your total costs if you can supply or help out with them.
Contract and percent down
We have flat/set pricing for our cabins and structures. So you know what you will pay up front.  We do not have outrageous sq. ft. pricing.  A negotiable amount of 25% to 50% down upon ordering.  5% to 25% due during completion certain phases of construction and purchase of additional materials.  Balance to be paid on day of completion pending your inspection and approval.
For every change in the plans, additional work or change in building materials and cost of labor, regardless of verbal agreements, we will prepare, in writing, an addendum to the original contract or option before we begin and have both parties sign and date.  Therefore there will be NO negotiations or surprises at the time of completion and final payment.

Customer Reviews

    5 stars
2018-2019 Mike & Tami, Elcho WI

We had shopped around for nearly 2 years looking for a combination of superb craftsmanship, honest builders, quality, a specific LOG CABIN DESIGN, as well as a great price.  We stumbled across an outfit called Triple Y Metal Roofing and their new enterprise, North Country Log Cabins.  New to the cabin building trade, but well schooled in all facets of that type of construction. 

When you agree with a company to build your log cabin, you will need to sign a formal "Contract" and give them a down payment.  Right?  Well, the very first day my wife and I met with Eli Yoder (one of the Owners), we decided to take an enormous gambled based on the general honesty of the Amish and wrote out a check for $14,000.00!!  The so called "contract" that we signed amounted to no more than a impromptu hand written receipt and a handshake!!  True story!
Well, I was correct in believing in them and trusting them.  In June 2019, although it was a long wait, the builders finished up.  They put the finishing touches on the cabin by staining and putting on a clear coat.  They also caulked around the cabin.  They cleaned up most of the junk around the cabin.  They also fixed the floor where it was warping and we are satisfied with the results. So we are very happy with what we got for the money.  What I mean by that, is that you will NOT get more, you will not get higher quality, that:
            I honestly believe you will NOT find a better Log Cabin for your money anywhere in the United States.


If you have done business with North Country Log Cabins and would like to have your REVIEW posted here, please send it to:   macn11730@gmail.com



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